Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I continue to provide prenatal care to my patient?

A. Yes. One of the goals of the program is for patients to remain with their primary OB provider. Our only requirement is for the mother to have an outpatient visit with the Advanced Delivery Program team upon inclusion in the program.

Q. Can I deliver my patient in the Advanced Delivery Program?

A. Unfortunately, due to credentialing issues and familiarity with the IT systems, this is not permitted.

Q. What happens if the patient needs to be delivered emergently?

A. The mother can deliver at your hospital or ChristianaCare and the baby will be transferred to Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children following the unscheduled delivery. The specialists will have the ability to deliver a mother at Nemours within 24 hours of notification, but more immediate deliveries would either occur in your hospital or be transferred to ChristianaCare. 

Q. What happens if my patient requires more complex care than is available at the program?

A. If the medical needs of the mother escalate beyond what can be addressed at Nemours, we have developed a process for the mother to be easily and quickly transferred to ChristianaCare. Likewise, provisions for acute stabilization with the medical team have been developed.

Q. Has the referral process changed?

A. No. The referral process remains unchanged, but will now be inclusive of the ChristianaCare OB team when the fetus meets the criteria for the delivery program. 

Q. What are the diagnoses that will be considered candidates for delivery?

A. Consideration will be on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the OB or MFM.

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